Snowflake Lounge

Snowflake Party in a Box + Digital DJ Dance Party
Sunday, December 13, 2020
2:00–3:00pm Ages 3–9 | 3:00pm–4:00pm Ages 10–13

Snowflake Lounge 2020

While our annual Snowflake Lounge benefit and magical at-home party has come to a close, it is not too late to support Park Avenue Armory’s partner school this year. Please consider donating a party box to students at our partner school or making a donation to Snowflake Lounge in support of our artistic and arts education mission.

Throughout this year our arts education programs with students from under-resourced New York City public schools have continued and even expanded as they have moved to virtual settings. In the face of unprecedented and uncertain times, the Armory’s arts education programs aim to offer thousands of students a creative community where reflection, critical dialogue, and artistic expression are paramount.




Abigail Baratta
Hélène Comfort
Barbara Gundlach
Heidi McWilliams
Lara Meiland-Shaw
Taryn Simon
Deborah van Eck

Vice Chairs
Jenna Bush Hager
Violet Gaynor
Lisa Steinberg
Shirley Steinberg
Claiborne Swanson Frank
Stephanie Trotta

Diamond Committee
Jessie Ding and Ning Jin
Megan Harper
Brianne Manz
Jesse and Stéphanie Newhouse
L.F. Turner

Snowflake Committee
Ramona Boston
Agnes Gund
The Robertson Family
Louisa Serene Schneider

Sparkle Committee
Katherine and Marco Birch
Nathalie P. Danilovich
Anita K. Hersh
Natalya Poniatowski
Joel and Andrea Markezin Press
Jennifer Reardon
Rebecca Robertson and Byron Knief
Colleen Stenzler
William and Patricia Stevenson

Crystal Committee
Jennifer Argenti
Hana Bitton
Krista and James Corl
Norris and Charlie Daniels
Cora and Luis Delgado​
Cristina Enriquez-Bocobo
Betsy Frank
Brian and Emilia Pfeifler
Sanford l. Smith

Katherine Allman
Lauren Atterbury
Robert and Jenna Arena
Elizabeth Bickley
Dr. Joyce Brown and H. Carl McCall
Kevin and Amy Brown
Natasha Caronna
Jubilee Chiang
Jocelyn Dimsey
Melanie Forman
Arthur and Shirley Fergenson
Virginia Fitzgerald
Clarita Fodor
The Gellert Family
William B. Heller II
Stephanie Ho
Johanna Hudgens and Matthew Wilson
Juliet K. Izon
Mary T. Kush
Annie Lee
Jackie Martin
Susan Orkin
Charmaine and Brian Portis
Adrienne Saunders
Ashley Savage
Sylvia Shepard
Kimberly Sillman
Jane Stevens
Cynthia and Jan van Eck
Manoush Zomorodi

As of December 10, 2020