Lauren Flanigan

- The New York Times

Lauren Flanigan, heralded by Time magazine as “the thinking man’s diva,” is an award-winning soprano with a fierce commitment to performing the works of living composers. As a 2012 Armory Artist-in-Residence, she has been commissioning solo work, revising unknown and underperformed American works, and exploring the style of the famous Stray Dogs “cabaret,” all of which will be reflected in her performance that will be part of the Armory’s Under Construction Series.

Founder and director of Music and Mentoring House, a not-for-profit organization providing upscale affordable housing, and hands on mentoring to students studying in the arts in NYC, Lauren Flanigan has enjoyed a thirty-year career that includes performances at the Metropolitan Opera, La Scala, Bayerisches Staatsoper, Glyndebourne, the New York City Opera, 10 world premieres, 1 movie, 11 cd’s, 5 Live From Lincoln Center telecasts and 15 awards for musical and humanitarian work. Now in its 17th year, she started Comfort Ye… an annual musical event to raise food and awareness for New York’s homeless. Music and Mentoring House and Lauren are featured in the October issue of Opera News.

Photo of MacBeth by Carol Rosseg

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