The Shape of Things Schedule

First Floor

Board of Officers Room: Music & Presentations
12:00pm: Flatbush Avenue Film
12:30pm: Marvin Sewell Group
1:00pm: Readings
1:30pm: Dick Griffin & Carl Hancock Rux
2:00pm: Welcome by Carrie Mae Weems
2:15pm: Ink Stories: Navid & Vassiliki Khonsari
2:30pm: Shirin Neshat
3:00pm: Kendall R. Phillips
3:30pm: Roberta Uno
4:00pm: Majora Carter & James Burling Chase
4:30pm: Liz Diller
5:00pm: Fred Moten
5:30pm: David Lang
6:30pm: Theaster Gates
7:00pm: Carrie Mae Weems, with Craig Harris & Kyle Abraham
7:45pm: Elizabeth Alexander
8:00pm: Anna Deavere Smith
8:30pm: Craig Harris & band, with Terri Lyne Carrington
9:00pm: Nona Hendryx
9:30pm: Jason Moran
9:55pm: Closing Remarks

Veterans Room: Music & Contemplations
12:30pm: Two from Breakneck Ridge
1:00pm: JAWWAAD
1:20pm: Hank Willis Thomas
1:30pm: Aja Monet
1:45pm: Arthur Jafa
2:00pm: Adam J. Foss
2:30pm: Reggie (Regg Roc) Gray
2:45pm: Seamus McGraw
3:30pm: Kimberly Drew
4:00pm: Tania Bruguera
4:30pm: Gregg Lambert
5:00pm: John Edmonds
5:15pm: Malik Gaines
5:30pm: Ernie Larsen
6:05pm: Sarah Lewis
6:30pm: Jeremy Richman
7:00pm: Imani Uzuri
7:30pm: The Wooster Group: Eric Berryman, Elizabeth LeCompte, & Kate Valk
8:00pm: Jason King

Screening Room
Films and content by Doug DuBois with Jim Goldberg, InkStories, Mary Mattingly, Arthur Jafa, Shirin Neshat, Lynn Nottage & Tony Gerber, Fazal Sheikh, Hank Willis Thomas, and Carrie Mae Weems

Colonels Room: Listening & Conversations
1:15pm: Shirin Neshat & Jason King, moderated by Kendall Phillips
3:15pm: Liz Diller & David Lang, moderated by Sarah Lewis
5:15pm: Majora Carter & Theaster Gates, moderated by Avery Willis Hoffman
6:15pm: Nona Hendryx & Aja Monet, moderated by Kimberly Drew

Grand Staircase

Readings & Performances to mark the hour
12:00pm: Branden Jacobs-Jenkins & Carmelita Tropicana
1:00pm: Francesca Harper
2:00pm: Dick Griffin
3:00pm: Eisa Davis
4:00pm: Aja Monet
5:00pm: JAWWAAD
6:00pm: Elizabeth Alexander
7:00pm: Carl Hancock Rux
8:00pm: Shani Jamila

Second Floor: Open Studios

Company A: Malik Gaines
12:00-10:00pm: Readings and performances organized by artists Malik Gaines and Alexandro Segade

Company B: Lynn Nottage
12:00–10:00pm: Screening of THIS IS READING films, by Lynn Nottage & Tony Gerber
1:45pm: Q&A with filmmaker Tony Gerber

Company C: Carrie Mae Weems
12:00–10:00pm: Screening of projects by Carrie Mae Weems
2:00pm: Performance by Two from Breakneck Ridge (David A. Ross and Patrick Stanfield Jones)

Company F: Reggie (Regg Roc) Gray
12:00–10:00pm: Open rehearsal with Reggie (Regg Roc) Gray and the D.R.E.A.M. Ring
4:30, 6:30 and 8:30: Demos

Company I: Tania Bruguera
12:00–10:00pm: An afternoon of art and activism with DACA students & performance artist Tania Bruguera

Company K: Branden Jacobs-Jenkins & Carmelita Tropicana
12:30–6:30pm: Marathon reading of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass

Company L: Marvin Sewell
3:30-4:30pm: Performance with Marvis Sewell Group

Company M: Basil Twist
12:00-10:00pm: Visiting hours with puppet Lee Nagrin
2:00pm, 4:00pm, and 6:00pm: Excerpts from Behind the Lid, created and performed by Basil Twist
Projection design by Daniel Brodie

Note: Participants and times subject to change.


Photo courtesy Carrie Mae Weems

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