Frequently Asked Questions: Armory Arts Education Program

Production-Based Programming

Who does the Armory’s Arts Education program serve?
The Armory offers production-based workshops free of charge to NYC public schools, prioritizing schools with higher economic need.

What grades does the Armory work with?
Depending on the artistic program, the Armory’s workshops are designed for students in grades 3–12. The majority of workshops inspired by productions in the Drill Hall are created for middle and high school students.

How much do school workshops cost?
All school programs are free of charge to invited NYC public schools.

How can my school get information about the Armory’s educational programming?
If you would like your school to be added to our mailing list, please contact us via email at

Does the Armory offer student discounts?
Student groups who participate in production-based programming workshops have access to the art free of charge.  All other group ticket purchases are handled through the Box Office. Please contact the Box Office via email at or via phone at (212) 933-5812 with inquiries about group rates.

Partner Schools

How does my school become an Armory partner school?
To become a partner school, a school must first become involved in the Armory’s production-based programming offerings. Once a strong relationship between the Armory and a school’s administration and teachers is established, a discussion about a more in-depth partnership, including tailored residencies and other curricular and community supports, can begin.

Youth Corps

How can I become a Youth Corps intern?
The Armory’s Youth Corps program is open to NYC public school students, ages 16 and up, who attend schools with which we maintain a close relationship. This currently includes the following schools: Williamsburg High School for Architecture and Design, Bronx Envision Academy, Vanguard High School, Talent Unlimited High School, and International High School at Prospect Heights. Students who participate in Youth Corps during high school are eligible to apply for Post-High School internships and tailored professional development opportunities. Applications are accepted every fall, spring, and summer. All interns are paid hourly for their work.

Artist Corps

What is the Armory Teaching Artist Corps?
The Armory’s Teaching Artist Corps is an established and set group of teaching artists with extensive experience in a variety of disciplines, including theater, visual arts, movement music, moving image, and design. The Teaching Artist Corps is responsible for creating the lesson plans and unit plans for Arts Education programs. They collaborate with other members of the Armory’s Teaching Team (earlier career arts educators) in brainstorming around artistic productions and co-facilitating workshops.

How can I join the Armory’s Teaching Team?
If we are hiring, any postings will be listed on the career opportunities page.