“Our students’ worlds are very small– culturally and geographically. Having the opportunity to see great performances by master artists is critical in their own artistic development and in the development of their critical eyes. I am grateful for this awesome opportunity–your teaching artists were first-class, knowledgeable and passionate, and that passion translated to an unforgettable experience for our students.” –Teacher, Bronx Charter School for the Arts

The Armory’s arts education program seeks to broaden students’ perspectives by providing free production-based programming workshops to invited NYC public schools from all five boroughs, targeting schools with little access to high quality art.

Elementary, middle, and high school students are invited to experience the Armory’s immersive programming and unique setting first hand, and participate in multi-disciplinary, interactive workshops designed and facilitated by members of the Armory Artist Corps, a group comprised of some of New York City’s most sought after teaching artists in visual art, movement, music, theater, design, and the moving image. Teaching Artist Bios

All workshops offered to New York City public schools are FREE of charge.

Students experience a wide spectrum of artistic disciplines in both the Wade Thompson Drill Hall and the historic period rooms. Some past examples include:


Student Responses

Shen Wei Dance Arts Folding Photo: Stephanie Berger

In this series of workshops, students were exposed to the multi-disciplinary nature of Shen Wei Dance Arts (movement, painting, photography). Pictured: A young student explores the idea of choreography as a language. Photo: James Ewing

OKTOPHONIE Photo: James Ewing

In this series of workshops, students explored the groundbreaking work of both Karlheinz Stockhausen (electronic music) and Rikrit Tiravanija (environmental art). Pictured: A middle school student contributes to a communal, abstract music score inspired by Stockhausen’s own notation methods and the music they just heard. Photo: Da Ping Luo

The Life and Death of Marina Abramović Photo: Joan Marcus

In this series of workshops, students were introduced to the four main artists involved in the creation of The Life and Death of Marina Abramović. Pictured: Students mimic Robert Wilson’s layered staging technique by creating their own shadowbox set using transparent paper, washes of color, and silhouetted figures. Photo: Joan Marcus

In conjunction with these visits to the Armory, the Artist Corps visit schools to lead pre- and post-visit workshops that give students context for each production, and allow them to create a response to the work they encounter.

Participating teachers receive a set of classroom resources and activities that meet city, state, and national curriculum standards.