Tune-In Music Festival: PowerFUL

Photo from Tune-In Music Festival: PowerFUL on February 17, 2011

February 17, 2011

“eighth blackbird is so good it’s dangerous.”Boston Globe

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Frederic Rzewski: Coming Together (1972)
(arr. Matt Albert ) Performed by: eighth blackbird
John Cage: Credo in US (1942)
Performed by: red fish blue fish
David T. Little: sweet light crude (2007)
Performed by: Newspeak
Stefan Weisman: I Would Prefer Not To (2007)
Performed by: Newspeak
Matt Marks: A Portrait of Glenn Beck (2009)
Performed by: Newspeak
Louis Andriessen: Worker’s Union (1975)
Performed by: eighth blackbird, Newspeak, red fish blue fish, Doug Perkins, Steven Schick, Lisa Moore, Blair McMillen, Josh Rubin, Kamala Sankaram, Mellissa Hughes, Abby Fischer, Nina Faia

(80 minutes, no intermission)
Tickets: $30

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“Art for art’s sake is just another piece of deodorized dog ****.”

Chinua Achebe’s angry dismissal inspires the musical argument for the negative, powerFUL, a concert based around the belief that art can be a political tool. Here is music that gives an impassioned, disruptive clarion call for social consciousness and action.

Frederic Rzewski’s blistering Coming Together sets a prescient text by a victim of the Attica prison riot, and Louis Andriessen’s ear-shattering Workers Union combines freedom and discipline to “express collective solidarity.” John Cage intended his percussion work Credo in US, with its satirical use of phonograph records, as a pointed critique of American society, while Matt Marks paints a musical portrait of Glenn Beck and David T. Little sings a love song to crude oil.

Pre-Concert Artist Talk: Lisa Kaplan and Tim Munro (eighth blackbird)
and composer David T. Little (Newspeak)

Moderated by Kristy Edmunds, Armory Consulting Artistic Director
Thursday, February 17 at 6:00pm
Talk is FREE for concert ticket-holders. All others $10 (cash only). Pre-registration required (a registration link will be sent to ticket buyers).

Festival curators Lisa Kaplan, and Tim Munro of eighth blackbird and the composer David T. Little of Newspeak introduce the context and the concepts behind the concert and introduce the ensembles performing the material.

See Newspeak perform David T. Little’s sweet light crude


This program is supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, The Reed Foundation, and the Amphion Foundation, Inc.

Photo: Stacy Schwartz



Tune-In Music Festival is now closed. Please return to Arts at the Armory for upcoming programs.

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